What’s in my carry-on

So, tomorrow I’m heading off to New York – and I’m super excited! It will be my third time there, and as the times before I’m going to the New York tattoo show “No Limits 2017”.  So I thought I’d show you what I pack in my carry-on – which this time is a small cabin-sized suitcase and one small backback for things I want close to me during the flight.

We’re flying from Trondheim to Oslo, which takes about 55 minutes, and then from Oslo to New York, a flight that lasts around 7 hours.

In my carry-on suitcase: 


1.TRAVEL PILLOW – I always bring this during long flights, it makes so much easier to sleep through most of the trip.

2.CAMERA – I bring this small SONY camera for selfies and the times and don’t want to drag my CANON with me. I’m also bringing the CANON camera for the convention.


3.POUCH – Here I store my Pills, Bandages, Makeup Remover, Tampons and Selfielight. I like to be prepared in case of headaches, a cold or anything like that.


4.MAKEUP BAG – I always bring my palettes and pressed powders in my carry-on, after experiencing several broken eye shadows when packed in my suitcase. I try to bring as little palettes as possible – but I’m a makeup addict and can’t control myself. The big Morphe palette I put together myself, with my favorite shadows from Morphe and Makeupgeek.


5.CHARGERS – My camera chargers and the charger for my computer


6.LIQUIDS – Hand cream, Perfume (Loverdose by Diesel), deodorant, nose spray and toothpaste. I always pack a toothbrush in my carry-on as well, but I pack it the same day as I leave.

In my backpack:


In my backpack I have the necessities for a long flight – stuff to do during the flight, headphones, phone charger etc.


Warm socks, sleeping mask, sunglasses, water bottle, gum, headphones and a phone charger.


Sudoku, a journal, pencil case, phone, a book (Liane Moriarty – Three Wishes), my wallet and a deck of cards.

That’s everything in my carry-on – if you would like to se what I pack in my suitcase or what of my makeup I pack – let me know in the comments 🙂

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