New York – No Limits

The reason for our New York trip was The New York Tattoo Show – No Limits 2016. It was an amazing convention and we met so many awesome people and talented tattoo artists.


A few pictures from the pre-party on thursday πŸ™‚


The after-party on Saturday. I missed the one on friday – since I was in our hotelroom all day sick. But saturday was really fun.


Our last day at the convention and some hair braiding πŸ˜€


And… Mina won 2nd place Best of the Day Black & Grey on saturday!! ❀

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Central Park Zoo

Hi everyone ❀


We spent one of our days in Central Park Zoo, and we were so lucky with the weather. It was an amazing day and we got to see a lot of cute animals! πŸ˜€


We also went to the Tisch Children Zoo πŸ˜€


And took a walk in to Central Park to enjoy the weather


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New York – Day 1

Hi everyone ❀


I got home from New York a few weeks ago and I’ve been lying sick in bed until monday. I finally feel better, and got to go back to work again – and it feels so good. I took so many pictures when we were there and I’m really excited to show them to you πŸ˜€ Here are some pictures from our first day there.


We started our first day with breakfast at a supercozy diner, called Andrew’s coffee shop – right by Penn Station. And then we walked our way up to Madame Tussauds πŸ˜€


We spent a few hours there, took a ton of pictures and had a lot of laughs ❀


And then we had a lovely dinner at Hard Rock CafΓ¨ πŸ˜€

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TBT – New York

Hi ❀

In 24 days I’m going back to New York with my friend Mina, and so I thought I would share some pictures from our last trip to New York in September 2015. We went there because of the United Ink – Flight 915, Tattoo Convention and we had a blast!

Click the pictures to see them bigger.Β 

We’re going back for another Tattoo Convention, United Ink – No Limits. My Friend Mina is an amazing tattoo artist – you can check out her work on Instagram @mina_x3mtattoo.

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Best movies of 2014 – Part 1

I’m always looking for new movies to watch, and usually I’d rather sit at home with a movie and popcorn or go to the movies with my boyfriend, than to get drunk. So I had this idea that I should make a list of my top movies – this time from 2014.

1. The best of me


ugh, this movie I love! I cried so much when I first watched it. Nicholas Sparks never fails me ❀

2. Fury


This one is so f*ing badass! It’s all I need to say, if you haven’t watched it, drop everything and go do it now!

3. The hunger games: Mockingjay pt. 1


Love this just as much as the other Hunger Games movies! IΒ actually finished reading all the books last summer as well, I love everything that’s The hunger games!

4. The imitation game


Amazing and touching movie. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Alan Turing so incredibly well!

5. The book of life


Colorful, vibrant, musical and so, so happy movie! What’s not to like?

6. Divergent

maxresdefault (1)

Exciting and intriguing movie! And it certainly helps with a smoking hot male lead. Looking forward to the next one!

7. Guardians of the galaxy


I am Groot

8. Big hero 6


Disney has done it again! Amazing movie, laughter, tears and excitement! You’re in for a treat πŸ˜€

9. The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies


Can’t believe the trilogy is over already! 😦 Watched all in the theaters, love everything about them except the Giant spiders. I Hate the giant spiders

10. Captain America: The winter solider

maxresdefault (2)

Such an exciting movie, love it like all other Marvel movies. They know what they’re doing

This post is kind of long, but there are still missing a lot of good 2014 movies here, so I’ll post my Part 2 later on. What are your favorites from 2014?

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Summer Favorites

What’s your favorite summer nail polish?

LA Colors – Lightning

What is your favorite lip color this summer?

I have to go with a coral color. Love that for the summer ❀

Show us your favorite summer dress.

I have two actually. I have one leopard maxi dress from H&M and one floral greenish maxi dress from Lindex. Love these for the summer.

What is your favorite summer accessory?

My sunglasses! Can’t go without them in the summertime.

What is your favorite summer candle?

Don’t know, I don’t own many scented candles. My coconut candles from Ikea maybe.

What is your favorite body spray and perfume?

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

What is the weather like where you live in the summer?

It varies a lot, but mostly rain or sun. But it’s usually pretty windy.

What is your favorite thing about the summer?

The sun, and the ice cream! And all the barbecues.

What are your plans for summer vacation?

I’m going to Sweden with my family for a week, and probably a trip to the cabin with my friends πŸ˜€ The rest of the summer I will be working.

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My Weekend

Hi πŸ˜€

I’ve had a pretty good weekend! On Friday I went to see my sisters, we ate breakfast together followed by talking, a game of cards against humanity and a lot of laughter, candy and potato chips. And cuddling with my sisters dog, Turbo πŸ™‚

When I came home, I finally had the time to do some cleaning around the apartment and I did a lot of laundry. It’s good to have a day of off work, so I can fix up a little.
IMG_9451_2_2IMG_9456_2_2 IMG_9462_2_2

On Saturday I went to work from 14.00 – 18.00, then we went to a barbecue at a friends house. We had a lot of fun with our friends, good food and some beer (and tequila). Β IMG_9511_2_2 IMG_9513_2_2 IMG_9533_2_2 IMG_9560_2_2 IMG_9632_2_2I’m not surprised to say I woke up with a hangover today, and my day has mostly been lying in the bed, eating some tacos, a lot of chocolate and watching a lot of Dexter!

What have you been up to this weekend?Β 

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