What’s in my bag?

Hi! 😀

I actually love looking at what other people carry around in their handbags, and I’ve watched multiple youtube videos and blogposts where people show what they carry around with them on a day to day basis or when they travel! So, when I was planning my blog-week, I knew I wanted to do one of my own. Here it goes!
my bag

This is one of my bags, but it’s the one i purchased newly, and the one I use the most per now. It’s a huge beige purse and I can fit so much in it, which I love!

sunglasses tovemariev

I always carry at least two pairs of sunglasses with me. It’s the pair from my May favorites, which I bought at Gina Tricot when I was in Oslo. The other pair I bought at Cubus last summer, and it’s simply just my back-up pair.

makeup makeupbag isadora loreal maybelline real techniques anastasia beverlyhills

My makeup bag is always with me, in case I need to touch up my face during the day, which to be honest – I usually always need, especially after being at work. The content changes day by day, this was simply just what I had with me today.

lipsticks from maybelline, Mauve mania & Vivid Rose. The Isadora face sculptor, L’oreal Nude Magique BB Powder, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo Powder, in Caramel . And of course my brushes ❤

makeupbag deodorant perfume bandade tampons clothing roll

I also carry an extra makeup bag, with my perfume and deodorant, a pack of tampons, bandages (because I’m really clumsy), and a mini clothing roll.

notebook pens

Notebooks to plan my weeks, write down things to remember and so on. Pens, markers and pencils are usually always with me.

wallet padlock headset

My adorable wallet, from Claire’s in Praha. A padlock, for my locker at work and at the gym. Earrings, headset for the bus ride/training, a phone charger and my keys!

Well, that was that. Hope you like it!

What do you have to have in your bag? 😀

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