My monday

Hey guys 😀

So, I finally found the time to update you. I’ve been to work at the café today and it’s been a good day at work. At the moment I’m learning all I need to learn about being in the kitchen at work, making food, production and so on, and it’s really exciting. I love food and baking, so this really is a good fit for me. It’s also a good qualification for when I start the job hunting after the summer.

After work I went home, stopped by the post office and picked up a package. I will show you what it is and write a bit about it during the week. After that it was just a lot of planning the rest of my week, taking photos, cutting hair and of course dinner and the new Game of Thrones episode! 😀 Did you guys watch it? I can’t wait for the next one!


Tomorrow I’m going to work as a makeup artist for a production here in the city, it’s a musical performance called “Ækte”, which means “Real” and it’s basically a bunch of young adults who writes and performs their own music, based on their lives and experiences. I’ went to their previously show last year, called “Here we are”, and it’s absolutely amazing, I was so moved I literally sat there crying during. But yeah, my best friend is one of the performers, so she asked if I would come and do their makeup! And ofcourse I said yes, I’m really excited, both for the makeup job and to watch the performance!


concentrated, newly showered and packing the things I need to bring tomorrow.

I will post at least one time tomorrow, and I’ll see how late the show runs. If I get home early I’ll tell you guys all about it!

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